Can Money Be Made On TikTok

The answer is Yes. TikTok offers business opportunities to everyone from influencers, TikTok stars to small business owners. Let’s focus on US (USA) market for instance. R

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Sponsored TikTok Ads Help Grow Your Business

Using the newly introduced sponsored video stream, you can promote your market. TikTok offers “Shop” option where users can click on the link that will direct to your website. Products from unique toothbrush to car glow stick are advertised on TikTok and initial response was fabulous. As a small business owner, you know how hard it is to promote your business. Leading platforms such as Google Ads, Twitter Promoted Tweet and Facebook offer the same potential however at higher cost. For instance, a hundred dollar ad spend ($100) on these platforms can be evaporated in a matter of few hours to days without receiving the expected exposure to your business. On the contrary, TikTok being new to business allows your promotional videos to appear across all countries. A product made in China can now be promoted to American users and vis-a-versa.

We encourage the small business owners to take advantage of TikTok’s popularity in promoting your business for a fraction of the price you would spend on other leading social media platforms. Some of the sponsored videos have gone viral, thus bringing windfall and popularity to its promoters.

TikTok Influencers And TikTok Stars

Just like any social media platform, early starters and influencers are earning huge revenue depending on the number of followers and views each video receive. Some notable names such as Charli D’amelio or Loren Gray were early adopters of TikTok. They have joined and explored this platform when TikTok was relatively new with just a few million users. As a pioneer and leader of this app, these TikTok stars are making huge payoff by promoting any product or brand through their account. Reason, video posted by this influencer is guaranteed to go viral and viewed by their millions of followers. Here are a few numbers on how much these influencers make from one TikTok post.

Charli D’amelio makes $48,000 per promotional post.

Loren Gray a mere $42000 per post or 42K per video post.

Famous illusionist Zach King charges $41000 per post.

Addison Rae earns a small fee of $35000 per video post.

Gil Croes charges $26000 per promotional post.

These influencers are earning big, even sometimes dwarfing the salary of CEOs of big businesses and that too all from their home. In such young age without even a collage degree, many aspirants have found a revenue stream in TikTok. Seeing this potential many notable Hollywood and Music industry icons have joined TikTok recently. Will Smith, Selena Gomez, The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson, Singer Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber are now as active on TikTok as on other social media platforms.

Promote Products And Commercials

You post the videos of your hobbies or the special talent you have on TikTok. Now you can use this hobby to make extra bucks. Create videos as you regularly do. Once your video is ready, just add a product or commercial in the corner of your video or as a backdrop. You can also buy TikTok followers to boost your account in order to gain instant credibility. Many marketing agencies are looking for TikTok stars like you to promote their products. With just handful engaged and active users, you can successfully try this promotional strategy and see if it benefits both you and your sponsors. And if your video goes viral, it will benefit your sponsor too.

This small twist in your video production can open up a new revenue stream. Many TikTokers have already adopted this idea. Begin your video by taking a sip of famous drink that you want to promote or wear a T-shirt with picture of product and brand of your sponsors or even place the product in your video easy to be seen and that’s it. Now continue filming your regular video and publish on TikTok. Your fans will enjoy your creation at the same time noticing the product or brand you are highlighting. A win win situation for you and your sponsors.